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James will respond as soon as he is able.  During a massage, his phone is off.  As a result it can take 24 hours for a response.  

Please give at least 48 hours advanced notice for booking a massage.  However, he will try to accommodate best he can.  

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Irvine, CA, 92612
United States


The Pain Eraser

Hi, I'm Beck!

a young Mr. Miyagi

I have been a professional Massage Therapist since 2003. I began my career at Burke Williams, Santa Monica. I grew to become the facility's lead Deep Tissue instructor/therapist for 4 years. I've traveled the world studying Thai massage, Shiatsu, Structural Integration, and other modalities.

In 2008, a NBC Producer (client) recruited me to do massage for American Gladiators (Season 1 & 2). After experiencing great results, the medical staff asked me to work on NBC's hit show 'The Biggest Loser' (Seasons 7-11). In 2011, I decided to leave Hollywood & take an epic journey across America ( for details). In 2015, I returned to Southern California, got married, and decided to set up a healing practice. For two years, I was mentored by my Structural Integration hero and good buddy, Ken Smith. I now run my own practice in Placentia, CA.

I work with everything from MMA fighters to optimize their bodies before they step in the ring to enabling a grandpa to beat his grandson again in soccer. People walk and play with less pain because of my work. Triathletes use me to shave off running time, while moms use my work to recover their bodies after giving birth. I teach self-care on a military base. Most people use me to get rid of neck & back pain. If you are in pain or need to perform, then you should book a session!

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I use diet, exercise, movement, and behavior modification for my health. I also use Amare supplements. My wife notices when I don't.

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